6-Team Tournament

4-Game Guarantee

$640 Tournament Fee

Each team must supply their own baseballs


  1. Coin toss prior to game for home/away between coaches
  2. No infield/outfield
  3. 7 inning games
  4. 2 hour and 30 min time limit, no new inning after that
  5. 10-run mercy rule after 5 innings
  6. Bats = BBCOR certified only
  7. No re-entry, live ball balk, must throw pitches for IBB
  8. Courtesy runners for both pitchers and catchers
  9. NCAA Safety Rule = to and through to the base
  10. NCAA DH = for pitcher only, may remain in as DH after he is done pitching
  11. Cages are available for both teams 1 hour and 30 minutes prior to scheduled game time


  1. Head-to-Head
  2. Fewest runs allowed
  3. Run differential
  4. Rock-paper-scissors (best 2 out of 3)


There are no Tournaments scheduled at this time.

Please check back again soon
as we regularly update our schedule.